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Friday, March 30, 2012


Shane is my strength, and where I have weaknesses he has strengths. Many times Shane is the source of my courage and hope. I could not have found someone who complements my life more than Shane. I was initially attracted to Shane because of his positive outlook on life and gentle demeanor. I also liked his bright blue eyes and amazingly long eye lashes! He strives to have a selfless love and to keep our marriage as happy and fun as possible. I would describe Shane as spirited, loving, spiritual, and analytical. Shane has a deep love for church and has a great knowledge of the scriptures.
He is the second of four boys and still enjoys a close relationship with his parents and siblings. He has always been involved in athletics and is very healthy. He enjoys golfing, mountain biking, snowboarding, college football, camping, riding his go-kart, boating, participating in family activities, and experiencing new adventures. He is especially excited to teach his boys in these areas. He is very supportive of his children as they start school and hasn't missed one of my studio piano recitals!
He values family, religion, work, and interpersonal relationships. When Shane was 19 years old he served a 2 year service mission in Caracas, Venezuela. Since that time Shane has had a fondness in his heart for those who are less fortunate. He is constantly expressing his thankfulness for all of our many blessings. Shane is very open minded and objective in dealing with what is presented to him.Shane received his Bachelor Degree in both Finance and Accounting and has always had a talent with numbers. Currently he an Internal Auditor and CPA for Idaho Power. We are blessed to live near Shane's family and we see them often. They are very supportive of adoption and excited to welcome another new family member. I feel so blessed to have married a man so willing to love me and our children so deeply.

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