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Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Letter To You

The success of our family is our first priority. We have two wonderful boys and would like to have more children, but are unable to do so naturally. We know our family is not yet complete and there is another child that is meant to be a part of our family. We believe with all of our hearts that our child is meant to come into our family through adoption. Now is the right time to adopt and we are so excited about the possibility of bringing another sweet child into our home. We will continue to do all that we can to create a positive and loving home for our family.

Even though we would love your child as our own, we would want this child to know about you and how much love you have for him or her. Your amazing example of selfless love and sacrifice will be something we share with our new little son or daughter.

As you make this important decision regarding the future of your child, we hope that you can see that we are more than willing and able to provide your child a life full of love, caring, opportunities and happiness. We know that loving and raising another child will enrich our family. We would like our sons to have the opportunity of having a younger sibling, and share in the joy and responsibilities that caring for a child will bring. We feel that our large extended family would provide a loving and safe atmosphere, where a child would feel welcomed and cherished. We have been greatly blessed as a family and would now like to share those blessings through adoption.

Please understand that we are aware of how significant your adoption decision is and we know that you want the best for your child. We pray that something about our family has touched you and will help you make the decision that would grant us the privilege of providing your child with the care and love that we are anxious to share. We look forward to sharing with your child the story of their adoption. We feel it is important that adoption is openly discussed and that every question or concern is met with honesty and understanding.

Our family continues to pray for the privilege and blessing of loving another child. We love life and all it has to offer, and would cherish the opportunity to share our joy with your beautiful baby. We realize you want the very best for your baby, and so do we. Let that be our gift to you, in deepest gratitude for your gift to us.

With much love and admiration,
Shane and Amy

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