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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Family

Carson, our son most like his father, was the first born of our twins. He is the eldest by 4 minutes. He is energetic, very bright, lively, determined, thoughtful, and friendly boy. Carson has a great sense of right and wrong and has a desire to please others. Carson loves cars and trucks and can easily recognize and name most of the makes and models of the cars he sees. He loves to ride his bike and tells me everyday as he rides down the sidewalk that he's headed off to work! Carson loves to tease and lights up any room he enters. He has an ability to connect with people and remembers the little details of those he meets. He asks regularly for a new baby and will be a wonderful big brother.Cade, our son most like his mother, is a passionate, gentle, free-spirited, pensive, energetic child. Cade has a special love for animals and children and enjoys helping his mom in the kitchen. He loves to play games and is a lover of trains. His imagination is lively. He can quickly bring those around him into his world of make-believe! He does very well in his preschool class and is eager to learn. He tries to make friends with everyone and can sense those who need his friendship. Cade is a leader and would cherish the opportunity to love and help take care of a younger sibling.As a family we enjoy being outside taking nature walks, riding our bikes, hiking, swimming, going to the zoo and parks. We also enjoy playing games, spending time having picnics and backyard movie nights, having family dinner and attending church together. We spend a lot of time getting together with extended family. A baby entering into our family will be part of a close and connected extended family, including two sets of grandparents and even three great-grandparents! We are very close to our siblings, and our children enjoy spending lots of time with their cousins as well. Each child holds a special place in the hearts of their extended family members, and feels valued and supported by them. As parents we feel one of our main roles is to provide our children with ample opportunities for their growth and development. Education is extremely important to us. We want our children to be able to find an area of study that interests them and then have the resources to pursue it.Along with being well educated, we want our children to be well-rounded and have a desire to for them to be involved in various activities. We know that by exposing them to many things we will give them the chance to discover for themselves the areas that will bring them the most joy and success in life. We value their individuality and uniqueness, and find great joy in watching them develop their talents and abilities.Shane and I are very religious people, and are raising our children in a home where love and respect for God is part of our daily lives. We pray together as a family daily. We attend church every Sunday and make sure to set the day aside to learn about God and Jesus Christ. It is a great day to spend all of our time together as a family. We teach our boys that they need to act toward, and treat others, the way the Lord would desire. We know the Lord is blessing us as we move forward in this adoption process.

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