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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Story

Shane and I both grew up in Twin Falls, even in the same ward at church. We knew each other's families well. Shane got home from his mission during the end of my senior year of high school. Not too long after, he went to "Jive Night" at the high school. During the concert I vividly remember spotting Shane in the audience. He was fairly close to the stage, dead center. I couldn't help but feel like he was staring at me the whole time and wondered if it was just in my head. That night I made a comment to my mom that I had seen Shane at the concert and thought that maybe he couldn't take his eyes off of me! Little did I know that my suspicions would later be confirmed.
Right after graduation, Shane asked me out. I was getting ready to head off to college, was a little attached to someone else, which resulted in me turning him down. He went to Boise State and I went to BYU-Idaho. I didn't think he and I would ever talk again. Two years later, he made a second attempt. We were both home for Christmas and ran into each other at church. This time, I said yes! On our first date we played the game of Cranium and let me tell you, Shane and I did not do too hot. In fact, we lost terribly. We also were pretty cynical and sarcastic to one another. Definetely not a typical way to behave on a first date. After that, I honestly didn't think he would ever call me again...but he did...the very next day! We headed to Pomerelle for a day of snowboarding and had a total blast together.
We both went back to our separate schools and I wasn't sure what would come of everything. Shane was SO persistent. He called me and emailed me everyday and won me over with his sweet, charismatic, and witty writing. We talked every night and got to know each other really well. We started meeting in Twin over the weekends to spend time together. I was falling for him and the rest, as they say, is history. We started with great friendship that evolved into a deep love.
We had a quick engagement and were married in the Logan LDS Temple on August 29, 2003. It poored rain on our wedding day, but it was wonderful nonetheless. We were quick to recognize that rain only brings colorful rainbows! Growing up, I never would have thought that I would marry Shane. It was, by far, the greatest of all of life's surprises.
Our marriage is strong, and full of laughter, love, hard work, and family. Our goals in marriage are to strive to treat one another with respect, to support one another in our educational and occupational aspirations, and to be an emotional and spiritual support system for one another.

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