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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Amy has already mentioned that she didn't say yes to the first time I asked her out. She made things difficult for me. Thanks to her I have a great life lesson to tell about being persistent and never giving up. Some things are worth fighting for! I found on our first date that Amy was nothing but fun to be around. She is very engaging, with a magnetic personality and is never lacking for energy. I find talking to Amy is a pleasure because of her great sense of humor, upbeat and enthusiastic personality. She has an innate ability to connect with people and quickly develops an understanding and compassion for others. I am attracted to her positive outlook on life, the fun way that she teases, and her contagious smile. Amy is the second of five children. She comes from a family that is very close to one another and freely talks and shares with each other. They have a gift of being able to connect through humor and enjoy many inside jokes. While with her family, there is never a dull moment. They also enjoy the gift of music and are all very musically talented. They sing together regularly. Not only does she maintain close association with her parents and siblings, but also with her vast extended family; regularly getting together for dinners, cultural events, and family reunion vacations.
I am grateful to have Amy as a wife because she enriches my life with the way she leads her own. She sets a consistent example and is a motivating force for me to be all I can be. She has a great desire for daily self improvement and is a very spiritual person. She is in tune with the needs of our family and is dedicated to teaching our own children as well as others. She serves with the primary children at our church and gets great satisfaction as she teaches and watches them grow. Amy has many diversified interests and hobbies. She is an avid reader and a gifted pianist. She expects nothing but the best from herself and continues to study the piano. She has an amazing work ethic and cherishes the value and management of time. She is extremely efficient and a great organizer for our family. I've always been amazed at her ability to accomplish so much in so little time. She keeps our home very clean and provides a home environment that is very conducive to the Spirit.Amy received her Bachelor Degree in Communication with a minor in Music. She has always had a talent to connect with people and has been greatly blessed with the gift of words. She enjoys her time spent with her family and friends. She spends her days home with our two children while teaching private piano lessons part time. Amy has much to give to your precious child and we both promise to give him/her a happy, safe, and rich home environment. We look forward to raising a child that will bring you, as well as us, great pride and joy.

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